Grand Canyon Skywalk

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The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge with a glass walkway at Eagle Point in Arizona near the Colorado River on the edge of a side canyon in the Grand Canyon West area of the main canyon. USGS topographic maps indicate the Skywalk's elevation as 4,770 ft (1,450 m) above sea level. The elevation of the Colorado River at the base of the canyon below is 1,160 ft (350 m). The vertical drop directly below the skywalk is between 500 ft (150 m) and 800 ft (240 m). In 2015 the attraction passed one million visitors. Commissioned and owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe, the skywalk was unveiled March 20, 2007, and opened to the general public on March 28, 2007. It is immediately north of Grand Canyon West Airport and about 120-mile (190km) east of Las Vegas, NV. The skywalk is east of Meadview, AZ. Kingman, AZ is the closest city with more than 10,000 population.

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