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Porto-Novo, Benin


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Porto-Novo (French pronunciation: [pɔʁtɔnɔvo]; also known as Hogbonu and Ajashe; Fon: Xɔ̀gbónù) is the capital of Benin, and was the capital of French Dahomey. The commune covers an area of 110 square kilometres (42 sq mi) and as of 2002 had a population of 223,552 people.As the name suggests, Porto-Novo (Portuguese: "New Port", Portuguese pronunciation: [ˡpoɾtʊ ˡnovʊ]) was originally developed as a port for the slave trade led by the Portuguese Empire.


Museé da Silva

Celebrating Afro-Brazilian influence on the city, this fairly new museum offers a lot of variety. The museum grounds consist of a traditional house, a small library, an open-air cinema showing French films, and a hotel.

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